The Serie A Championship will be renewed in May, with individual football players in Italy. The options are 2nd, 9th or 16th. Initially, the best optimism was created, which should happen on April 25, but is slightly larger, the Apennines football is “frozen” until April 3, but then needs to be extended quickly to expand coronavirus and blockade. , which every country has fallen into, Focus writes.

After Tuesday’s official UEFA decision to postpone the European Championship for next year, it comes to the presence of the first participation and club tournaments of the Old Continent to end by 30 June. In the case of Italy in particular, this may be practically impossible.

In Serie A, had to play 12 rounds, and 8 teams – Inter, Atalanta, Verona, Parma, Sassuolo, Cagliari, Turin and Sampdoria, need one postponed match. This is 9 tomar crosses and 3 intermediate ones (and only available for eight). With the most optimistic date – May 2, the championship will end on June 28 and will be included in the announcement of the UEfA framework. When renewed on May 9, the end will be on July 5, then on the next hypothesis – May 16, the curtain will fall on July 12.

For the semi-final rematch for the Italian Cup – Juventus – Milan (1: 1 in a single match) and Napoli – Inter (1: 0), suppose they can be played on May 20-21 and the trophy dispute is on 18 June. This could be an opportunity for the Bianconeri and Nerazzurros if they come to a Champions League (27 June) and Europa League (24 June) Trophy dispute.

Until April 3, you can disallow joint workouts and continue for 2 weeks. If this is a coincidence, players will have less than 10 days to prepare before the Serie A renewal, and this poses serious risks of injury.