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These General Terms and Conditions of Use constitute a legally binding CONTRACT between you, hereinafter referred to as (USER, you) and SPORT INFO 365 Ltd, hereinafter referred to as (website, provider, gold-predictions.com, us), under which you, by using the website, are granted the right to use the information found on the website solely and exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes, subject to strict compliance with these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

These general terms and conditions of use are binding only in the relationship between the USERS of the website and SPORT INFO 365 Ltd, as the SUPPLIER of the services provided.


By accessing (loading) the website (Gold-predictions.com), the USER agrees to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions of Use and any subsequent changes thereto, and undertakes to comply with them.


In case the USER does not agree with these terms and conditions of use, the USER should not use the Gold-predictions.com website and for this purpose the USER should close the Gold-predictions.com website.


“SPORT INFO 365 Ltd, as a SERVICE PROVIDER, reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions of use at any time by publishing an up-to-date version of the same. USERS should check the content of the General Terms and Conditions of Use each time they visit the Site in order to be informed of any changes.



Last modified: 07.08.2023


1.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Use are intended to regulate the relationship between SPORT INFO 365 Ltd, with UIC 205903560 , registered office – Stara Zagora, 6000, Dimcho Stayev 42, hereinafter referred to as the SUPPLIER, and the USERS, hereinafter referred to as the USERS, of the text information provided by SPORT INFO 365 Ltd on sporting events, in particular sports predictions and statistics. The website contains sections to access which it is necessary for USERS to have an active subscription, hereinafter referred to as the SERVICE.


2.1 The SERVICE is a subscription to provide access to information about sporting events and in particular sports predictions and statistics. The subscription provides the USER with access to content in the PAID PREDICTIONS section, which provides:


2.1.1 Access to sports predictions and/or tips, analysis, etc. to be used by USERS for informational and entertainment purposes only.


2.1.2 Access to information resources, including text, graphics, audio and video material, database, photographs and the like, published on the Website and/or provided as part of the Service.


2.2 The SERVICE is provided on a pay-as-you-go basis with a recurring subscription fee that is billed automatically at a frequency you select (monthly or annually).  The SERVICE shall be used personally by one person only and the SUPPLIER shall have the right to take restrictive corrective and limiting measures against the USER for violations found.


2.2.1 The SUPPLIER shall provide the SERVICE to the USERS only against payment in full. No partial payments of the service are allowed.


2.2.2 When paying for the SERVICE, the USER shall make a choice as to the frequency (cycle) of automatic billing , namely monthly (once every 30 days) or annually (once every 365 days).


2.3 In order to use the SERVICE, respectively to gain access to the sports predictions and/or analysis, USERS must provide access to their Gold-predictions.com account when they wish to consume the SERVICE.


2.4 SUPPLIER has taken all actions and steps to ensure, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that the information provided to USERS on the Gold-predictions.com website is current accurate and correct. The information provided to users is not limited to sports matches, events, teams, news, line-ups, past results, statistics and the like.


2.5 SUPPLIER shall make deliveries of the SERVICE ONLY to domestic and foreign INDIVIDUALS. When identifying himself/herself, on the Gold-predictions.com website, the USER shall declare that he/she is an INDIVIDUAL who is at least 18 years of age and that the SERVICE will be used for personal and non-commercial purposes only.


2.6 In the event of a PROVIDED breach of clause 2.5, the SUPPLIER shall refuse access to the SERVICE to the USER and the SUPPLIER shall refund to the USER the amount paid for the unused period.


3.1 The SUPPLIER shall supply the SERVICE, for a fee, only to domestic and foreign individuals 18 years of age or older. USERS must be able-bodied natural persons. Payments from legal entities are not accepted. If a payment is found to have been received from a legal entity and/or a person under the age of 18 using any of the payment methods described below, the amount will be refunded back to the person who sent it.


3.2 The USER is obliged to pay the price for the SERVICE, the value of which is announced on the website of the SUPPLIER – Gold-predictions.com. The service starts after payment is received/received.


3.3 SPORT INFO 365 Ltd. accepts payments, in connection with the delivery of the SERVICE, only from domestic and/or foreign individuals 18 years of age or older via the following payment methods:


3.3.1 Credit and debit cards via “Stripe” for the “EN” language version of the Gold-predictions.com website:


Recipient: Sport Info 365 Ltd.

Bank: First Investment Bank AD with IBAN: BG35FINV915……..206

Types of cards accepted: debit, credit and business cards Visa and MasterCard

Transactions are processed through the MasterCard Identity check and VISA Secure security programs.


3.4 From a security point of view, the maximum amount you can pay by card is BGN 800.


3.5 We do not store details of bank cards used for payment via the website.


3.6 The SUPPLIER confirms receipt of payment by activating the SERVICE and by other appropriate confirmation on a durable medium – most often by sending an email to the email address provided by the USER.


4.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to both services for which registration is required and those for which registration is not required.


4.2 In order to use the SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE, the USER must comply with all the conditions in clause 3


4.3 By filling in his/her details and pressing the “Yes, I accept”, “Place an order” or other statement to the effect of consent, the USER declares that he/she is aware of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, agrees with their contents and undertakes to comply with them unconditionally.


4.4 The SUPPLIER shall confirm the registration made by the USER by automatically sending a letter to the e-mail address indicated by the USER. After that, the account of the USER is automatically created and a contractual relationship is established between the USER and the SUPPLIER.


4.5 When registering, the USER undertakes to provide correct and up-to-date data. The USER shall promptly update the data provided in his registration in case of change.


4.6 The execution of electronic statements in the relationship between the USER and the SUPPLIER is through the SUPPLIER’s email address info@gold-predictions.com.


4.7. The contract shall be concluded in Bulgarian or English.


4.8 The Contract between the SUPPLIER and the USER constitutes these General Terms and Conditions, available at https://gold-predictions.com/terms-of-use/, together with all amendments and supplements thereto, the Privacy Policy (available at https: // gold-predictions.com/cookie-policy/).


4.9 The USER of the SERVICE shall be a party to the contract with the SUPPLIER in accordance with the data provided at registration and contained in the USER’s personal profile. For the avoidance of doubt, these are the details with which the account with the SUPPLIER was created.


4.10 This Contract shall be deemed to have been entered into upon ACCEPTANCE of the “Terms of Use”, the “Privacy Policy” and a notation that the person is 18 years of age or older, which shall be noted when the USER registers with the SUPPLIER.


4.11 The SUPPLIER shall expressly notify the USER of the conclusion of this contract by appropriate electronic means.


4.12 The USER shall have the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason, without compensation or penalty and without paying any costs within 14 days from the date of conclusion of the contract and the first payment successfully made to the SUPPLIER.


5.1. Subscriptions to GOLD-PREDICTIONS.COM are for an indefinite period of time and you will be billed at the beginning of each billing cycle in accordance with the subscription terms ( monthly, annual or other period) unless the USER cancels an active subscription referred to in 5.2 .


5.2. Any USER may cancel an active subscription , by pressing the “CANCEL” button.


The “CANCEL” button can be accessed when the USER is logged into his account on the Gold-predictions.com website and visits the “Profile” section located in the main menu of the website. The “Subscriptions Information” box opens , in which a black button with a green bar and a white label “CANCEL” is visible. When you click on the same a poll appears with a button “Cancel Subscription”. After pressing the button changes from “STOP” to “RESUME”.


The paid period will continue to be active until the cycle period expires, but the user will not be charged after that.


If the “RENEW” button is pressed during the paid period it will change again to “STOP” , which will mean that the subscription is active and the user will be charged again. If the same is pressed after the subscription period has expired the user will be transferred to the payment page.


5.3 When you cancel a subscription, you will still be able to use it during the period you have paid for.


6.1 The USER shall be entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the SERVICE upon the occurrence of any of the following circumstances:


6.1.1 In the event of cancellation of the Contract in accordance with clause 4.12 of these General Terms and Conditions.


6.2 The refund must be made no later than 14 days from the date on which the SUPPLIER has been notified by email at info@gold-predictions.com of the USER’s decision to cancel the contract.


6.3 The SUPPLIER undertakes to reimburse the amount received, the amount being refunded to the card used by the USER for the original transaction.


7.1. The SUPPLIER shall suspend access to the SERVICE in the following circumstances:


7.1.1 in case of force majeure;


7.1.2 for the time of technical maintenance, for which the USERS shall be notified in advance;


7.1.3 in the event of a non-substantial, in its sole discretion, breach by USERS of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions;


7.1.4. in cases where the USER has not paid the price of the service due by the USER.


7.1.5 After the circumstances referred to in the preceding paragraphs have ceased to exist, access to the SERVICE shall be resumed.


7.2. The SUPPLIER shall terminate access to the SERVICE in the following cases:


7.2.1 in the event of a material breach, in its sole discretion, of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions by USERS;


7.2.2 upon termination of the terms and conditions;


7.2.3 upon application by the USER;


7.2.4 in the event of disagreement by the USER with the changes to the general terms and conditions of use addressed to the SUPPLIER.


8.1 The USER has the obligation to use the Service in good faith and as intended.


8.2 In using the SERVICE, the USER shall not use any techniques, means or methods that may create difficulties in the use of the SERVICE by other USERS.


8.3 When using the website, the USER undertakes not to disseminate in any way the information contained therein, not to provide third parties with access to information, data, text, sound, files, software, music, photographs, graphics, video or audio materials, messages, as well as any other materials.


8.4 The USER shall provide his/her own equipment to access and operate the SERVICE.


8.5 If the SUPPLIER is unable to provide the USER with the SERVICE paid by the latter, the SUPPLIER undertakes to refund the price paid by the USER for the unused period within 14 days.


8.6 The SUPPLIER has the right to amend and/or supplement the sports predictions, the information on the website and to amend, supplement or terminate these terms and conditions at any time.


8.7 The SUPPLIER is not obliged to use any particular software or software version to provide the SERVICE. The SUPPLIER has no obligation to maintain, modify or add functionality to the SERVICE or to the software used to provide the SERVICE.


9.1 “SPORT INFO 365” Ltd. shall not be held liable for any errors, inaccuracies and/or omissions of any nature related to the information provided to the USERS on the Gold-predictions.com website, as well as for any material and/or immaterial losses and/or lost profits suffered by the USERS of this information. We shall not be liable if the information on gold-predictions.com is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. The content of this website is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be the sole source of information for decision making by USERS without first consulting more accurate, more complete and more current sources of information. If USERS decide to rely solely on the content of this website, they should be informed that they do so at their own expense and risk.


9.2. The SUPPLIER shall not be liable for any loss, damage or loss of profit resulting from the use of the SUPPLIER’S SERVICE or any resources offered in connection with the SERVICE or the use of the sports predictions. PROVIDER does not warrant that the sports predictions, analysis and information services provided are uninterrupted or error-free.


9.3 SUPPLIER shall not be liable for any damages or lost profits resulting from the suspension, alteration or restriction of access to the SERVICE, sports predictions, information, deletion, modification, loss, unreliability, inaccuracy, or incompleteness of any messages, materials or information transmitted, used, recorded or made available in connection with the SERVICE. We do not warrant that your use of our SERVICE will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.


9.4 The SUPPLIER shall not be liable for any failure of the USER to achieve any results or benefits during or after completion of the SERVICE. We do not warrant that the results that may be obtained by using the SERVICE will be accurate or reliable.


9.5 The SUPPLIER shall not be liable to refund part or all of the fee for the SERVICE in the event that the USER does not achieve the results and benefits expected by the USER during and after completion of the SERVICE.


9.6 The SUPPLIER shall have no obligation to ensure that any particular or specific needs or requirements of the USER are met.


9.7 The SUPPLIER shall not be liable for any loss of data arising from information or other resources accessed or used in any way through the Gold-predictions.com website in connection with the SERVICE.


9.8 You expressly agree that your use of or inability to use the SERVICE is at your own expense.


10.1. All materials, predictions, analysis articles, including images, text, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, programs, music, clips or downloads, video clips and written or other materials that are part of the Website (collectively, “Website Content”) and through which the Gold-predictions SERVICE is provided. com, are subject to copyright protection under the Copyright and Related Rights Act and other laws applicable to intellectual property, and are owned by the PROVIDER and/or its affiliates who have provided the relevant materials for publication.

Any use of the content, including copying or storing it (in whole or in part), except for your personal, non-commercial purposes, is prohibited without the express permission of our website. You may not modify, distribute or republish anything on this site for any purpose.


10.2 All names, logos and photographs of sports teams, tennis players, tournaments, public figures and locations remain the copyright of their licensees and are used for informational purposes only.


10.3 USER shall not obtain, modify, copy or use the source code of the website used to provide the SERVICE.


10.4 The use of the service or of an object referred to in the preceding subparagraphs in violation of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, in addition to violating the agreements between the users and the Provider, may also constitute an infringement of rights to objects that are the subject of other people’s intellectual and/or industrial property, as well as other rights and legitimate interests of the Provider and/or third parties protected by law. For any infringement under this Article, the User concerned shall assume at his own expense all liability, whether civil, administrative or criminal, and the payment of the damages imposed by a competent authority on the persons concerned.


11.1 The possible invalidity of any provision of these General Terms and Conditions of Use shall NOT invalidate the entire contract.


11.2. For matters not covered by this contract, relating to the performance and interpretation of this contract, the applicable law of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.


11.3. All disputes between the parties under this contract shall be settled by the competent court or the Consumer Protection Commission.


11.4 The USERS should familiarize themselves with the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY.

(1) Data Protection Commission Address. 1. “(02) 940 20 46 Fax: (02) 940 36 40 Email: kzld@government.bg, kzld@cpdp.bg Website: www.cpdp.bg


(2) Commission for Consumer Protection Address: Bulgaria, Sofia, Slaveykov Square №4A, floors 3, 4 and 6, tel.: 02 / 980 25 24 fax: 02 / 988 42 18 hotline: 0700 111 22 Website: www.kzp.bg

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