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By visiting the website, you accept and agree to our privacy policy (If you do not agree to this policy you must immediately discontinue using our website).

Our policy could change in response to legislative and administrative changes, so it is advisable that you check this page periodically.


The team respects the privacy of each user and is committed to protecting your privacy when using the site.


The team respects each user’s privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information when using the site.

What information does collect and store?

When registering on the site, the user provides information about:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Email
  • Country
  • City
How and Why do we store the data?

Said data is stored by only in the event that the user decides to register on the site. requires only the information that is necessary to make it possible to use the site by any registered user.

Users’ names and email addresses are stored on the site’s servers and, with consent, may be used to send email messages related to news about our web site or other information that we think you may find useful.

We use your country and city information for the regulated accounting of payments made.

The username is used by the user to log in to the personal account at

Security measures is committed to ensuring that your information is secure. We use a variety of security measures to maintain the security of your personal information. Our website uses HTTPS (connection security). We do not share your personal data with third parties.

Management of Personal Data
The user retains full control over the information he has entered when registering on our website. If desired, the user can edit some of the information he has provided. The information is stored on the website server according to legal regulations.

Personal Data Management

The user retains full control over the information they have entered when registering on our website. If desired, the user can edit some of the information he has provided. The information is stored on the server of the website according to legal regulations.


We use “cookies” to collect certain information from Users, including non-digital users of the Platform, who do not use the services provided by us. Cookies represent a sequence of data that our system sends to your computer and uses it to identify your computer when you enter again on the website.


Cookies provide information about the use of the Service and customer data that we may use to personalize your customer experience and follow patterns of consumer traffic. For example, when you enter the Website, cookies identify you and prompt the Website to fill in your username (without password) to facilitate access to your profile. Cookies also allow us to remember your previous activities and to offer you similar games and events. We also use information collected through cookies to perform statistical analyzes of the use of the Service, such as the time of use and the most visited pages. These summarized statistics do not include personal information.


By agreeing to use the Service, you consent to the use of the “cookies”, including the  cookies of Google Analytics and Facebook, and agree that you have been given the opportunity to opt-out of the storage of or access to the information. If you prefer not to receive “cookies” while browsing the Website or via HTML-formatted emails, you may opt-out of receiving them, by setting your internet browser to warn you before accepting the bits or to remove the cookies when your internet browser alerts you to their presence. Also, you could delete all cookies by turning them off via your internet browser’s settings.