Undoubtedly, Real Madrid is the most expensive football club in Europe. The analysis is based on the most expensive players in the club. The value of the Spanish club amounts to about EUR 3.22 billion.

This year’s Champions League finalists Liverpool and Tottenham are seventh and ninth respectively.

Not surprisingly, as many as six football clubs from England enter the chart.

Of all the teams in the ranking, Inter Milan recorded the highest growth in value by 41% compared to previous seasons. Their value reaches EUR 692 million. So he ranks right after the first most expensive team Juventus in Italy. Inter is 15th and Juventus 10th.

Teams worth over EUR 1 billion are 13 in number.

Here is the ranking of the most expensive football teams in the world:


  1. Real Madrid, EUR 3.22 billion
  2. Manchester United, EUR 3.20 billion
  3. Bayern Munich, EUR 2.69 billion
  4. Barcelona, EUR 2.67 billion
  5. Manchester City, EUR 2.46 billion
  6. Chelsea, EUR 2.22 billion
  7. Liverpool, EUR 2.09 billion
  8. Arsenal, EUR 2 billion
  9. Tottenham, EUR 1.69 billion
  10. Juventus, EUR 1.54 billion
  11. Paris Saint-Germain, EUR 1.31 billion
  12. Borussia Dortmund, EUR 1.08 billion
  13. Atletico Madrid, EUR 1 billion
  14. Schalke, EUR 765 million
  15. Inter, EUR 692 million