Doctors believe that because of the frequent meetings (in three days) in the Premier League will cause a lot of injuries.

It is expected within a month the teams on the Island, and also in the European Championships, that they will play in three days, which will lead to a lot of injuries.

“We will treat them in a situation where they do not train for a full 4-5 weeks, have not played matches, and they will be started on a tight cycle, which is very nasty “, the medics warned.

The Premier League doctors are plagued with a lot of injuries as the calendar thickens to end the season once it is renewed.

This will be a new problem for football! Players will drop like pears if plans to thicken the calendar are being fulfilled.

The Major League is currently suspended until April 30. However, it is expected that the matches can hardly be resumed by 30 May. Several options are then discussed. Some clubs want the calendar converted so that the campaign ends by June 30. This will avoid issues with expiring player contracts. However, this would mean that one team, if participating in the Euro tournaments, would have to play three times a week. According to doctors, however, this will lead to a real avalanche of muscle injuries.

The situation is compounded by the fact that some players will not fully train for four to five weeks before resuming their activities.